It is all about wanting to get revenge. Pathetic, really, but it still is the motivation.

Imagine you were denied justice, or were wrong by someone power ful . Ever felt power less to do anything ? Tried ranting online, and didn't work? Perhaps they have power ful lawyers and PR experts protecting them. You're afraid that your rant and complaint might land you in a legal mess, something you cannot afford? Doesn't t hat make you angry?

WHAT WE DO - Taking Revenge

We Are A Group Of Activists Of Around 60,000 From Various Communities, With a Mission To Expose The Bad People Of Hundreds Of Websites, Daily, Posting Thousands of Factual Complaints Absolutely Irreversible.

This is nothing but organised public outrage. To prove that you're not alone in this fight. To prove that voice of the less-powerful citizen cannot be suppressed by employing rogue legal tactics. To ensure that the truth and facts are not suppressed on Google. You can remove or suppress 1,2, maybe 10 complaints. How about 10,000 complaints. How about 1000 complaints posted daily ? Whatcha gonna do?

  • We research and prepare the content to expose the bad guys.
  • We send it to thousands of our members with instructions
  • We run a campaign for many months. Not just a one-off thing.
  • Our members start posting these on thousands of sites
  • Including complaint sites, forums, blogs, feeds, comments
  • We take special interest in the SEO part of the campaign
  • All content posted is anonymous and cannot be traced
  • When we detect an ORM campaign, we double our efforts
  • We log all entry and can remove if the bad guys confesses
  • Top 20 pages of Google will be filled with the TRUTH
  • We post the absolute truth. It's NOT DEFAMATION
  • Our efforts will totally kill their reputation and credibility

WHY WE DO IT - Because You Were Wronged

We’ve Seen The Truth Being Suppressed By The Rich And Powerful, By using Rogue Law-Firms. By Spending Thousand Of Dollars Getting Court Orders And Harassing The Complainant. By Using Unethical Reputation Management Firms.

It’s time we show them the power of crowd-activism. Let them try and spend their way out of our campaign. Let them try and suppress the voice of thousands of activists posting hundreds of complaints daily, on hundreds of websites.

  • Our efforts expose the bad guys. The truth is out, and cannot be suppressed.
  • In the end, we consider this justice. Letting the bad guys know that they cannot get away with it by using money power.
  • Not everything can be accomplished by a single blog or a complaint. A thousand complaints ? Now we're talking !!
  • It's an open challenge to the bad guys. Let's see how their money, lawyers and ORM firms can get them our of this mess.
  • This is not extortion. We're not going to undo anything for money. You cannot buy us. You cannot hurt us.
  • If our efforts help save another victim from the clutches of these bad guys, it's all worth it.

HOW WE DO IT - The Intricate Details

Once We Decide To Target a Bad Guy, Or a Bad Company, There is only One Thing In Our Mind. To Ensure That The Search Engines Carry As Much Information On The Bad Things They Did, That The Bad Guts are Forced To Concede, And/Or Change Their Ways.

With the help of our volunteers and friends from dozens of online communities, we run an organised campaign spanning several months. It's a mob attack, and it's generally brutal. We don't hold back. This is justice, and our right. Unless the laws change, we'll continue doing this.

  • Our volunteers research and prepare contents based of facts.
  • We consider friend of a bad guy, as a bad guy.
  • We investigate and dig out their past, their scams, court orders.
  • We then circulate this information to over 10,000 members
  • They're also provided a set of over 1200 gripe sites
  • And over 6000 forums and blogs.
  • We also have over 2000 bloggers in our community
  • We advise our members to use TOR and Proxy for anonymity
  • Our target is to post over 200-500 original complaints daily
  • And over 5000 in a month. All unique.
  • We also publish videos, images and documents.
  • Sites include Ripoffreport, PissedConsumer Complaintsboard.

WHAT WE DON'T DO - The Legal Clause

If You Are Bad Guy, And Shitting Your Pants Already, Know This - As a Rule, And As a Matter Of Law, We Do Not Post Anything Which Is Factually Untrue. We’re Not Going To Post That You’re a Rapist, Unless We Can Prove IT. We Do Our Research, And We Know The Law, I Hope You Do Too.

Under common law, to constitute defamation, a claim must generally be false and have been made to someone other than the person defamed. The law is on our side. We're aware that you might try to get ex-parte orders. The question is , how many ?

  • In the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement.
  • Secondly, we're a virtual organisation, and operate from offshore locations. Our members are located in over 100 countries.
  • Our Defenses to claims of defamation include:
  • Statements made in a good faith that they were true.
  • Opinion is a defense recognized in nearly every jurisdiction.
  • Mere vulgar abuse is not necessarily defamatory.
  • Fair comment on a matter of public interest

Best of luck trying to sue every one of us !

LET'S DO THIS - Hire Us To Kill Reputation

Know a Bad Guy Or a Company Who Has Harassed You, Defrauded Or Scammed You? Someone Powerful You Don’t Want To Confront Directly? Let Us Know Your Situation and We’ll See What We Can Do.

Eveything you submit here is encrypted, and confidential. We do not leak your info to anyone, including our members. If we decide to accept your case, we’ll get back to you for more information.

Please Be Honest in Everything you write. We do not Distribute or Entertain Lies :)